DATES 2019

6.1. One-day followers technique workshop, Hyvinkää, Tango Mirada
10.1.-28.2. Thursdays once a week, eight-week tango course, Kerava, Taitokolmio
19.1. One-day tango workshop, Pori, Porkka Badass Productions
9.2. One-day tango workshop, Rovaniemi, Nastat
16.-17.2. Beginners tango course, Tango Frostbite Festival, Helsinki, Amigos del Tango
12.7. Beginners tango class, Kaustinen, Kaustinen Folk Music Festival
27.8.-26.11. Tuesdays once a week, 14-week beginners tango course, Helsinki, Avec Dance Club
2.9.-23.9. Mondays once a week, four-week beginners tango course, Hyvinkää, Tango Mirada
27.-29.9. Ruskatango Festival, Lapinlahti, Tango Alegria
24.10.-28.11. Thursdays once a week, six-week tango course, Kerava, Taitokolmio
26.10. One-day tango workshop, Lahti, MiTango
16.11. One-day tango workshop, Nurmes, Täysikuu
23.11. One-day tango workshop, Pori, Porkka Badass Productions
8.12. One-day tango workshop, Hyvinkää, Tango Mirada

DATES 2017-2018


Argentinian tango - group classes, small group classes, private classes
Body conditioning for (tango) dancers by Marjo
Argentinian tango as a performative element



Eventhough the strongest interest of Timo & Marjo is to use Argentine tango as a cornerstone for their performances, they highly appreciate the tradition of tango as a social dance. In their teaching Timo & Marjo rely on natural posture, musicality, sensitive interaction, and understanding the structure of tango. Further, they are constantly looking for ways to encourage their students (and themselves) to trust their intention and body intelligence instead of mind-blocking analysement sometimes present in western, organized cultures. Timo & Marjo's classes have been said to be well planned with good rhythm and also fun. Timo & Marjo are also founders of a monthly milonga, Milonga del Engel, and a seasonal practica, Broken Shoes Practica, in Helsinki .